Project Staffing

In addition to assisting your team in the deployment and implementation of your project control system, DRMcNatty can also provide any level of experienced temporary and long term staffing resources to help you meet your project staffing needs.

What sets our resources apart from our competitors is that we select our people based on the level of expertise you need and our needs for continuing to build our own consulting team into the future. We ensure that each candidate has been properly trained and then we continue to support and invest in that resource so that they can eventually join our implementation team. We are one of only a few staffing providers who can and do provide the training and direct access to expert level support that ensures that you are receiving the highest level of return from our staff.

You benefit from our high quality and fully supported staff resources at very competitive prices.

When there is no time to waste in finding the right person for the job or for training someone, you need a reliable resource to:

  • Find experienced personnel
  • Quickly staff key positions
  • Allocate your staffing and resources better
  • Maintain the schedule without missing a beat
  • Lower your benefit costs
  • Get a better return for your training investment

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