Web-Based Training

webbasedtrainingallDRMcNatty & Associates, Inc., has developed an “Interactive Web-Based Training  Curriculum” that can be delivered by our team of Oracle Primavera Certified Trainer/Consultants. Our Web-Based Training Curriculum is similar to Oracle Primavera lab-based courses. The difference is we drastically reduce the time and cost associated with traditional classroom training. Attending a course in a virtual environment increases your return on investment and speed to market while maintaining a high-touch, real-time connection with an Oracle Primavera Trainer.
With increasing costs for travel, it can be expensive to send your project team to a training location, or have a Certified Trainer/Consultant travel to your location. This is compounded by a very real shortage of qualified and experienced resources to support  your projects. We have created our Interactive Web-Based Training Center to give you the flexibility to receive Oracle Primavera Training from the location of your choice. We reduce the overhead of travel expenses, while also giving a faster more personalized response to your needs. Our public training course time can be cut in half, based on the number of attendees and “Level of Effort”. Included in web-based Training:

• Certified Oracle Primavera trainers and consultants
• Oracle Primavera certified training courses available
• Consulting services for your Oracle Primavera project schedules
• Training & mentoring for your project staff
• Private conference call for training sessions through GoToMeeting